# We provide a psychologically safe environment for you to try every single idea.

Who We Are

A Multi-product startup with continuous game-changing innovation to empower people.

Our Mission

We challenge to explore new demand - new market in Vietnam through our products development to make lives better.

We do not hesitate to use the latest technologies to deliver value to users.


What’s the best thing about working at MMJ (Vietnam)?

It’s our Culture and People. We have a comfortable working environment where our people can be their best selves. We have a purpose to go to work each day, enjoy our work and collaborate with each other to build awesome products that bring value to lives.

Just do it

Working in Startup is full of Uncertainty. Too much discussion will not work. We discuss a bit, then just do it, then discuss again with the actual data. Repeating the process until we get the result. We have an open meeting area where discussion and conclusion are made. Normally NO FORMAL MEETING.

Be Unprofessional

To make results in the uncertain world, we need to make SMART MISTAKES. Being “professional” or “perfectionist” and afraid of making mistakes are 100% against this mindset. Make a lot of smart mistakes and learn!

We’re Flat

We listen to you, no matter who you are, if your opinion makes sense. We do not listen to you, no matter who you are, if your opinion is not towards users.

No Politics

We purely work for users, not for anyone else. Any action that benefits only yourself will not be considered as a valid behavior here.

Be a Wolf, not a Sheep

We need a Wolf who can decide by yourself what to do and how to do it, instead of a sheep who is passive and is told what to do.

Psychological Safety

We never laugh at a SILLY IDEA because silly ideas are seeds of a great idea. On the other hand, we don’t welcome you being silent. Asking questions, sharing your thoughts, and speaking up are required.

Work smart

We love to see 1 hour of quick work that improves 10% of service performance rather than 8 hours of diligent work that improves 0.1% of performance.

Contact us

If you want to join us or just to have a coffee talk, feel free to send us a message here.

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Media Max Japan (Vietnam)

15th Floor, HL Tower - No.6, Lane 82 Duy Tan street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi

(024) 66 873 572 |